I want to thank you for allowing me to purchase our little girl from you. You have beautiful dogs and a great breeding program. Meeting all of your dogs and seeing how they are cared for was amazing. They’re so personable and have great personalities. Our little girl’s personality is amazing, especially for a little dog. She loves all of my clients and people in general. We look forward getting another pup from you as soon as we are ready. Just beautiful dogs!


Rodney and I love our two little boys we purchased from Curtis Imperial: Shih Tzu, they treat their dogs and puppies as family from day one. The puppies are loved and handle by everyone in the family and raised as part of the family as day one. They have a play room and watch by camera monitors when the family is away from home. The boys adjust so quickly to our home and other fur babies. I will definitely purchase from Curtis Imperial: Shih Tzu again

Rodney and Bonnie, Kennewick, WA

I started grooming for Trish in the summer of 2018 and right away I noticed a difference in how she cared for her dogs, especially in comparison to other breeders that I’ve worked for. Her dogs are all very very well cared for and she’s very personable with her little dogs. When caring for her dogs in her home, I really commend her for the the high standard that she sets for her pets and the way that she takes her breeding program very seriously. Her dogs aren’t just dogs, The Curtis family all love and care for the dogs as part of the family. I highly reccomend Tricia as a breeder because of her consistent integrity.

Victoria K Kenworthy

We highly recommend Curtis Imperials!  Our family was suffering from the sudden loss of our imperial Shih Tzu, Lucy, when I found Curtis Imperials.  It was an absolute blessing.  We were looking to specifically adopt 2 baby siblings to keep each other company.  For some reason, we kept imagining a brother and a sister – 1 white and 1 black – although we would have loved to have any 2 puppies that were available.  Low and behold, Curtis Imperials had 2 puppies that matched those descriptions, and were exactly what we were looking for.  It was definitely meant to be.  We could not believe it.  What was even more incredible, however, was the fact that we not only found the perfect puppies, but we also found the best possible breeder we could hope for.  From the moment I talked to Tricia, I knew how much she cared for her Shih Tzu and wanted to ensure that the puppies were going to a loving home.  She also sent us pictures and videos almost daily before the puppies were ready to come to our home so we could start bonding with them right away.  Additionally, Tricia and her family welcomed us in to their home so we could see where our new puppies were born and being raised.  From the moment we walked through the door, we could see and feel the genuine love and care they have for all of their Shih Tzu.  All of their dogs even greeted us at the door!  They live in the best possible home environment you could imagine and all of the puppies are happy, healthy and thoroughly spoiled.  We could not ask for a better experience or thank them enough for helping make our family complete!

Shawna, Kristofer, Riley and the Puppies (Sweet P and Scout)

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