I want to thank you for allowing me to purchase our little girl from you. You have beautiful dogs and a great breeding program. Meeting all of your dogs and seeing how they are cared for was amazing. They’re so personable and have great personalities. Our little girl’s personality is amazing, especially for a little dog. She loves all of my clients and people in general. We look forward getting another pup from you as soon as we are ready. Just beautiful dogs!


Rodney and I love our two little boys we purchased from Curtis Imperial: Shih Tzu, they treat their dogs and puppies as family from day one. The puppies are loved and handle by everyone in the family and raised as part of the family as day one. They have a play room and watch by camera monitors when the family is away from home. The boys adjust so quickly to our home and other fur babies. I will definitely purchase from Curtis Imperial: Shih Tzu again

Rodney and Bonnie, Kennewick, WA

I started grooming for Trish in the summer of 2018 and right away I noticed a difference in how she cared for her dogs, especially in comparison to other breeders that I’ve worked for. Her dogs are all very very well cared for and she’s very personable with her little dogs. When caring for her dogs in her home, I really commend her for the the high standard that she sets for her pets and the way that she takes her breeding program very seriously. Her dogs aren’t just dogs, The Curtis family all love and care for the dogs as part of the family. I highly reccomend Tricia as a breeder because of her consistent integrity.

Victoria K Kenworthy

We highly recommend Curtis Imperials!  Our family was suffering from the sudden loss of our imperial Shih Tzu, Lucy, when I found Curtis Imperials.  It was an absolute blessing.  We were looking to specifically adopt 2 baby siblings to keep each other company.  For some reason, we kept imagining a brother and a sister – 1 white and 1 black – although we would have loved to have any 2 puppies that were available.  Low and behold, Curtis Imperials had 2 puppies that matched those descriptions, and were exactly what we were looking for.  It was definitely meant to be.  We could not believe it.  What was even more incredible, however, was the fact that we not only found the perfect puppies, but we also found the best possible breeder we could hope for.  From the moment I talked to Tricia, I knew how much she cared for her Shih Tzu and wanted to ensure that the puppies were going to a loving home.  She also sent us pictures and videos almost daily before the puppies were ready to come to our home so we could start bonding with them right away.  Additionally, Tricia and her family welcomed us in to their home so we could see where our new puppies were born and being raised.  From the moment we walked through the door, we could see and feel the genuine love and care they have for all of their Shih Tzu.  All of their dogs even greeted us at the door!  They live in the best possible home environment you could imagine and all of the puppies are happy, healthy and thoroughly spoiled.  We could not ask for a better experience or thank them enough for helping make our family complete!

Shawna, Kristofer, Riley and the Puppies (Sweet P and Scout)

We were looking for the

We were looking for the right Shih Tzu puppy when our vet told us about Tricia Curtis. What can I say about our Harley? We’ve had three Shih Tzu who were wonderful and loving; however, his personality and temperament went beyond that. Our vet told us his personality was by far the best of the two previous ones she cared for. My husband bonded with him at a level beyond any dog we’d had. We didn’t have to socialize him to the same degree as the other dogs. The care, socialization, and special time they spent with hIm showed in every way. He is the sweetest dog you can imagine. He loves to play and to perch on top of the couch with his head over our shoulder. He’s also one of the most beautiful. He’s brindle with a very thick, soft coat. Everyone who sees our little guy comments on both his looks and sweetness. He is now a year-and-a-half old. We love him even more than ever; and we’re incredibly grateful to Tricia and her daughter for the way they‘ve bred and raised him.
June and Paul, Seattle

June Lowenberg

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy back into my life in the form of this little gorgeous boy we call Payton! He is so loving and sweet, as well as smart, funny, and curious, and just as ornery as they come lol. We fell in love with him instantly! My Mother raves to everyone about how he was so well loved and trained by you and your beautiful family, that the first thing he did when he awoke the morning after his flight to Florida, was to immediately go to the bathroom on the pee pee pad, and he has ever since! We never even had to train this precious little baby! What more could you ask for? lol. Unconditional love and loyalty, loads of snuggles and fluffiness and everything good, all wrapped up in my new baby best friend who’s helping to mend my broken heart… Thank you, with lots of love and hugs to the whole Curtis Family! ❤️ xo

Aimee Quish

I emailed Tricia about a

I emailed Tricia about a puppy and she responded within a couple of hours with a phone call. Right from the beginning of the phone call, I could tell how much Tricia cares for her babies. She demonstrated a need to know that the puppy she would sell to me, would be placed in a loving and caring home. This proved to me that I was purchasing My future baby from the right breeder. Once Coconut gave birth, Tricia happily sent me pictures over texts! I was amazed how much interaction I received about the babies progress, up to when it was time to bring my baby home. I have had my adorable little pup for about three weeks and again, I am truly amazed at how well adjusted he is!!! He is doing so well with potty training and he even did great on a recent plane ride. Tricia and family did such an amazing job getting our little baby ready for his new home! We are so in love!!!!

Cece Sargent

I’m so in love with

I’m so in love with my little Bunny boy. He came so happy, socialized, pee pad trained, healthy, and full of kisses and love. After meeting Tricia Curtis and her beautiful personality and sincere love of this breed, I can see why her puppies are five star quality. Everywhere I go with my puppy he gives such joy to peoples lives. “He’s so adorable it should be illegal.” I will be purchasing another fur baby and only from Curtis Imperials. Forever great full for this bundle of joy in my life. Thank you Curtis family for all your loving and professional care . Suzanne and Mr.Bun Buns (Bunny)

Suzanne Strandberg

I lost my 16 yr

I lost my 16 yr old Shih Tzu Chui this last summer. I had him since he was 8 weeks old and loved him dearly. We had discussed getting another baby Shih Tzu but wanted it to come from a top notch breeder. I had search a handful of breeders in Washington state and found Tricia. Read everything we could as well as having a conversation on the phone. We were impressed with her caring of her pets, they were apart of her home as well as we noticed she did not breed multiple at same time. We decided she was the best of the best! We placed deposit and waited until our special one was born which did not take long. We got weekly videos, photos and updates. 8 weeks later we decided to have a pet nanny thru Tricia to deliver by flight from eastern WA to Seattle due to snow on mountains which worked out great. We have had our baby a few days now and he is doing great. He is mostly potty pad trained which is a plus. He is healthy, lovable and Tricia has even followed up to see how he is doing and if we had any questions. I highly recommend Tricia and London her daughter who has a passion for the little ones like her mom. Thank you!

Sandi Cantrall

We are in Love with

We are in Love with our “Mr. Leo” from Curtis Imperials. This is by far the best Shihtzu breeder i have ever come across and purchased from. He is the sweetest and well mannered pup ever. That says a lot for the breeders home for her dogs. Met with the Breeder and her husband and they were a delight. Gave us great information regarding Mr. Leo, his likes, dislikes, food etc. He has settled right in to our retired life and loves it. I highly recommend Curtis Imperials for your next precious Shihtzu for a loving and happy puppy.

Lisa Dillon, Browns Point, WA

I lost my other Shih Tzu

I lost my other Shih Tzu I had  him for 13 years he was a wonderful baby to me but he was suffering from cushions disease he could barely walk. It hurt me so much to put him down in November 2021. I didn’t want to see him suffer anymore. So I wanted another baby. I saw on Instagram Curtis imperial Shih tzus. Mrs. Curtis told me that she had a waiting list but there was one puppy that was not taken and he was only three days old. He was born on September 10 and I called her on the 13th. She told me that one puppy was still available and he was beige blonde.  She said that he won’t be ready till November. He is so sweet so lovable he makes us very happy. He rules my life and my husbands life he’s such a good boy and in two days his two year old birthday is coming on September 10
If anybody needs a puppy I suggest you go to Curtis imperial Shih tzus they are a very good breeder. She takes care of her puppies, she lets them play around, and she is a very clean person. My boy is two years old now and he weighs 4 pounds and 2 ounces!

Sophia Ste

After losing my beloved Shih

After losing my beloved Shih Tzu in February I was heartbroken. When I was ready for a new puppy I did many months of research. I decided Curtis Imperials was the best breeder for me. After speaking with Tricia I could tell just how much she loves the breed and cares so much about where her puppies go. I got Gracie 3 weeks ago. I cannot express the gratitude I feel to Tricia and her family and the way they raise their puppies. Gracie and I have bonded beyond belief and I love her so much. She is beautiful, smart, funny and very loving. She is also potty trained! In short she is more than I could have ever hoped for. I want to thank Tricia and her family for allowing me to have Gracie. This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as Gracie enhances my life every day.

Jean Vining

I had the most FABULOUS

I had the most FABULOUS experience with Tricia @curtis_imperialshihtzus. She was extremely patient with me – trying to decide “should I – shouldn’t I???” “boy, girl??” “Am I ready??” The communication was better than I expected; consistent EMAILS, texts, vids, pics and health updates. After checking out other breeders, I am so grateful I landed on Curtis Imperials. I’ve been following them for years, knowing I would need to bring another love-bug Shih Tzu into my life and my little dude is nothing but PERFECT! He came to me healthy, clean and potty-pad trained! I could tell immediately he was loved and very well cared for. If you’re considering an Imperial Shih Tzu, STOP here – call Tricia and bring some unconditional Shih Tzu love into your life!!!

Teri Eidson

We are so thankful for

We are so thankful for finding Curtis Imperials. We moved from Hawaii to Washington and we really wanted to find the perfect Shih tzu and we wholeheartedly can say we did. Tricia was the first breeder that I found and called and I liked her honesty and transparency. She loves her Shih tzus and that’s so important to us. She really puts great work into her babies and it shows. She is so great at answering questions and giving advice that makes my anxieties melt away. Gunnar is everything that we imagined and more such a huge personality so sweet and snuggly!! He’s already such a good boy!!

Raquelle Thompson

I love Curtis imperial Shih

I love Curtis imperial Shih Tzu’s as I have bought two of them and they are the healthiest sweetest little babies ever! Tricia welcome them into the world and treats them like family until they go to their forever homes and I’m amazed at how easy it is to potty train these dogs because of how she has helped in this area! I have bought a female and a male and would buy more. God knows if I could, but I have to stop ! I would recommend to anyone that wants a healthy puppy to Buy from Tricia at Curtis imperials Shih Tzu’s!

Kellie ecotti

I bought a puppy from

I bought a puppy from Tricia previously and had such good luck with my Izzy that I decided to get another one and boy what a cutie he (Ruger) is too. I’m impressed with the breeding of Tricia’s babies and you can tell they are brought up in a very loving home . Potty training has been very easy with these two dogs more than any prior And how they are raised from the beginning, I apply that too! I would recommend anyone to buy a puppy with Tricia if they want a quality healthy baby!


This is my second purchase

This is my second purchase from Tricia Curtis imperial Shih Tzus and I just adore my babies! They get the best start in life and I was impressed with how much she cares about where these babies go! I recommend when people ask me where I got my babies to Tricia as I know they would be just as happy as I am. I lost my favorite Shih Tzu a couple years ago and I didn’t think that I could replace him and fill as much for them as I did for him, but I do feel as much for them and I miss him terribly, but he’s up and, doggy heaven, and I will see him again !

Kellie Cecotti

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