gender: Girls

LuLu Bean (The Perfect Blend)

This girl has the sweetest personality! She is very mellow and loves to play with children – including being pushed around in a baby stroller! LuLu has a very thick coat of hair surrounding her pouty face, with good conformation.

Sweet Little Coconut

Coconut is a little love bug!!She carries for all colors and has a very thick coat!!!Beautiful face and awesome conformation..Look for her babies spring 2019:)

Teacon’s Bella

Bella is such a Tom boy.. she only likes wearing vest and thinks she should get to hang out with the big dogs;) she carries a variety of colors!!We are hoping for spring 2019 babies..Thank you Shauna for entrusting us with her!!


Tulli is a upcoming mommy. She carries for a variety of colors and weighs 5.3 pounds