gender: Boys

T’s N Toes A Chille’s Got Me Dazed (Chille

Chille lives with his other family in Utah so we enjoy our time when he visits. This shy boy is quite a gentleman. He is quiet as a mouse, but once he gets to know you he loves to play! He loves attention and will follow his favorite person around the house. Chille’s thick hair,… Read more »

Sleepy Hollow’s Little Red Spit Fire

Red Shih Tzu Dog

This male has a very outgoing personality. There isn’t a person he doesn’t love! Little Red Spit Fire’s red coat of hair is thick and beautiful.

Dar-she’s Itty-Bitty

Bitty does not think he is 4.5 pounds!! He has the thickest coat and perfect conformation. We added him to our family and could not be happier with him!!! He is producing stunning babies. Carries most colors;)